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When it comes to research and writing at The Field School, the crowning jewel has always been the History 11 research paper. Completed in the fall of junior year, this 10-page paper is the culmination of our students’ research and writing skills. But for some, it’s just not enough. Maybe they could use one more shot at refining those skills; maybe they just love research and writing. No matter the reason, this year we’ve come up with a solution: Global Narratives.
Global Narratives—the exploration of the world’s stories—is our brand new, research-based History elective aimed at bolstering students’ confidence in research and writing. This course provides an interesting blend of independent work and communal study. Together, students brush up on the basics of a good research paper: writing a thoughtful research question, outlining the structure of an argument, creating a bibliography, and writing a literary review. They then take these skills—along with thorough independent research—and produce some truly astounding pieces of work.
The fall semester features three long-form research papers. To get the writing wheels turning, the first two papers were written in easily digestible chunks. Students research and write each chunk independently, but then come together in a roundtable setting to present their work and receive peer feedback.
The third and final paper of the semester is very independent. With only three weeks to write, this is a culmination of the skills learned at the beginning of the semester. By this point, students are thinking: ‘I can produce an essay in a short period of time and I can do it well.’
The spring features one long research project—writing a paper, planning a presentation, and perhaps even a creating a TED talk. Throughout the semester students will look at different presentation styles and different ways of doing primary source analysis, and the result will be an amazing, capstone project.  
“Global Narratives provides students with the necessary structured classroom time with peers,” explains Georgia Warner, Global Narratives teachers and History Department Chair, “but gives them enough space to develop independently and delve into their own academic passions and interests.”

What are students writing about? 

Well, so far we’ve seen all sorts of topics: Japanese history through their cuisine, comparisons of afterlife mythology in various cultures, the science of mermaids, human rights in the circus, medicinal tattooing, and why we should no longer support the Olympics. One student is turning this semester’s papers into a three-part series exploring the idea of military brutality through the eyes of the samurai, the Vikings, and the Iroquois. The topics are varied, unique and interesting!

Grandparents Day 2014!

As always, our annual Grandparents and "Grand-friends" Day was truly AMAZING! It's unbelievable to be able to share the school with these important members of our community, and the feeling of joy when they are on campus is palpable. This year, we were lucky enough to host lunch in The Elizabeth Meeting House. Thank you for joining us!


Last Friday, Peer Tutoring hosted our annual Open Mic Night: a night dedicated to the creativety of our students and faculty. Lit only by strand upon strand of twinkling holiday nights, the Living Room epitomized the low-key, intimate coffee-shop vibe. We had musical performances, poetry readings, juggling... even puppetry! All in all, it was an amazing event.



At Field, every student is given the opportunity—either through organized team sports like volleyball, soccer, and cross country (to name a few) or PE class—to exercise, learn sportsmanship, and be a part of a team. This fall, 338 of 369 students are participating in a sport (that's 92%!).
"Sports at Field are not about your win-loss record or how your backhand improves," says Bridget McKeogh, AthleticDirector. "Field values sports because they provide another outlet for students to learn about themselves—they learn how to be part of a team, confront challenges and work towards goals." By participating in a sport, kids are pushing personal boundaries in a safe space and, in doing so, becoming more well-rounded students and individuals. 


Our Cross Country team has two more meets before the end of the season, but so far they've been doing an amazing job! On Wednesday both the girls and boys took second place at the PVAC championships at St. Anselm's. First Team PVAC runners are Wells Thomason, Ayinde Summer, Sami King and Marlene Roy. Second Team runners are Jack Lustig, Matt Lavine, Miles Cohen and Jaq Kende. Third Team runners are Jack Monahan and Josef Klausner. Additionally, Sami King set a new league record in her race and almost every single member of the team ran a season's best or personal best. AMAZING!
Girls JV Tennis had a great season of healthy routines, hard-hitting forehands, and an occasional ice cream cone! The fall capped off with an exciting exhibition match at Carter Barron where the Field girls went undefeated.
Field Girl's Tennis had a very encouraging season! The team benefitted from the leadership of two very committed seniors: Maya Nagan and Simone Unger. In addition to our talented returning athletes, five new members joined the team and each one brought their own skill to our competitive matches. Throughout the season, the whole team showed unbelievable grit and determination. Lila Bronmberg and Siena Ballota-Garman played doubles in the championship quarterfinals!  

The JV volleyball team ended the season with two great wins against Barrie (away) and Burke (home). It has been a great season with a wonderful group of ladies who worked hard to master technical skills, but mostly valued very much their time together and supported each other throughout the season, as one of them will mention at the end “What I enjoyed the most in volleyball, it was the feeling of belonging,” says Cara Schultz '19. It’s sad to see the season end—but we're looking forward to next year!

Volleyball made it to the playoffs this season but lost a hard-fought match against Washington Christian Academy. It was a great match and Field players left their best on the court. Overall, the season was extremely successful: tons of individual improvement, and—more importantly—they learned to play as a team. 
The MS Boys soccer team ended the season on a high note with a near-quarterfinal upset against the league's perennial powerhouse. While battling injuries and illnesses, the boys showed a remarkable amount of resilience by coming together as a unit in their final game. The season's highlights were the Friday dance circles, the boisterous bus rides, and the overall level of sportsmanship the boys brought to each game. 
Our Boys JV soccer team started off the season with a huge 7-1 win! Many players stepped up and played out of position, and the boys managed to pull off two more home wins infront of raucous fans. Individual skills and techniques were honed and, as a team, the boys developed an identity and a style of play which carried them throughout the season. 
The Varsity Boys Soccer team had a season full of hard fought games. They showed consistent grit and determination, splitting results with rivals like JDS and St. Anselms. We left the season with some unfinished business, falling to Covenant Life in the Quarter-Finals. The team was proud to name several members to the All-PVAC teams, recognizing their outstanding performances.
The MS Girls Soccer family had its most successful season in recent memory, finishing with a 3-4-3 record! The girls never gave up, never backed down, and never surrendered—even in the face of taller, stronger, and more intimidating-looking opponents. This was never more apparent than in their playoff game against Oakcrest, a team that triumphed 5-0 a week earlier. In the rematch, Field dominated Oakcrest for the majority of the game and easily shutdown their offense. The girls lost narrowly, but fought hard until the bitter end. We can't wait for next season!    
The JV Girls Soccer team had a ton of new players this year, but they have all learned to work together and play with tenacity and skill this season! The girls finished the season with a heartbreaking loss to Washington Waldorf (4-5) and another tough loss to Bulls (2-6), but the team displayed sportsmanship and class while still playing tough and working hard. 
Our girls finished with a 5-4 record in the league and the 4th seed in the PVAC tournament. We were knocked out of the tournament by Oakcrest but fought back to loose 3-2 after being down 3-0.  But it's alright—they didn't lose, they just ran out of time! Overall it was a great season—with 25 goals scored!

Homecoming 2014: Great fun!

Our annual Homecoming festivities were this past Saturday, and it was an amazing time! Tons of alumni, teachers, parents, and current students came out to support our sports teams and enjoy a beautiful afternoon together. Thank you to everyone who stopped by!

First Day of School 2014!

Happy first day of school! New spaces, new and familiar faces... it doesn't get much better than that! This is sure to be another amazing year at Field, and we can't wait to see what happens in the days and months to come.

Be Yourself at The Field School

Self-Discovery.  It's the first word in our mission statement, and its pursuit is innate to everyday life at Field.  Students are encouraged to think and learn about themselves, and to grow as individuals over the course of their time here.  They can be studious, athletic, shy, boisterous, latino, focused, whimsical, black, white or anytihng else they want—so long as they are who they truly are.

Field is a place where you can be yourself.


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